In Memory Of...
Tys Classy Double..aka "Ty".. was a wonderful mare. Around 15.2 hands and a great mare to ride. She had a thing for cows (she enjoyed them a lot) and wanted to go after them when we'd ride past them. She had many nice foals, including our 2 studs and one of our mares. Ty was very laid back and had passed that on to most of her foals. She is missed dearly.
Reflection was a loving dog. She had one puppy, Oscar, who was unexpected. Reflection enjoyed going on walks and cooling down in the creek. This girl didn't get into a lot of trouble..she knew how to work the "puppy face" too well. She brought joy into all of our hearts and is missed very much.
Oscar was a character. He made all of us laugh, sometimes just by the expression on his face. Just like his mom, Oscar also knew how to work the "puppy face" quite well. He also enjoyed walks and cooling off in the creek. Oscar was our "right hand man" while doing horse chores. Oscar was a charmer and is missed very much.
Angel...her name says it all. Angel lived a long and happy life. She was very laid back, loving pony. Angel was one of those horses where you could do absolutely anything with her and she wouldn't mind. Loved to be rode and have attention. If you needed someone to talk to, she was always there to listen and never ask anything in return. Angel blessed us with many amazing foals. We kept her last foal 8 years ago, which was also our stud, Genius's first foal..we were blessed with an amber champagne filly. No words can express how much Angel will be missed and we'll always keep the memory of her in our hearts.