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About Us:

Horses is a hobby of ours and we love everything about them. We've been raising foals since 1994. We kept our first stud prospect in 2001, which was a Gold Champagne. That's when our love for Champagnes had started. That stud has now passed away in 2020, but we kept a few of his Champagne daughters to pass on his legacy. Currently, we have 5 studs, 3 of which we stand to the public, 2 we do not stand to the public. A homozygous black Classic Champagne (Foundation bred, working cow), a homozygous black Buckskin stud (bred to run Barrels and Roping), homozygous black and dun Dunskin prospect (Foundation bred, working cow with little bit of run), Gold Champagne (mostly halter bred with a little bit of run, not standing to the public), and a homozygous black Bay with Splash gene (older running lines, not standing to the public). All of our horses are Registered Quarter Horses with ranch work bloodlines and/or halter, some with run in them too. Please take the time to look through our website and thank you for stopping by!

~Website is always undergoing updates, thanks for your patience.

Photos coming this Spring/Summer