Added this guy to our breeding program in 2019. Cow bred with a little running bred, Two ID Bartender and Cutter Bill on his papers (many more great lines in there)! 15 hands. 6 Panel NN. Will breed to a limited number of outside mares.

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We are now using this stud for breeding outside mares! He is a homozygous black Classic Champagne. Stands 15.1 hands. Very well put together stud. Nice and straight. Excellent bloodlines! We couldn't be happier!! 6 Panel NN.

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Gold Champagne stud. Well put together. Stout. Nice minded guy. Breed a few mares to him every year. Stands 15.1 hands. Not standing to the public. 5 Panel NN.

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We are thrilled to be adding this boy to our farm and breeding program! Buckskin thats homozyous black . Hoping to see what he can do in Barrels before we start using him for breeding. Excited for his future here! 6 Panel NN.

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