There must be down payment of at least half of the asking price before we will mark the foal/horse “sold”. All payments must be made in US currency and paid by a Bank Certified Check or PayPal (the buyer is responsible for any fees using this method). NO OTHER WAYS. The foal/horse must be paid in FULL before it leaves our property. There will be no refund of any money if you, the buyer, decides they no longer want the foal/horse and/or can’t afford to buy the foal/horse anymore. The only way there will be any refund of the money is if the foal/horse gets seriously injured, ill or dies within our care on our property. If you, the buyer, wants any kind of testing done then it’s your responsibility to do so. Otherwise, the foal/horse are sold as is. Foal/horse can be ready for transport with necessary paperwork, at the agreed upon date that the Buyer and Seller with an anticipated date of sometime in _____________________. Board will continue to accrue monthly as long as foal/horse remains at our place. If foal/horse is not picked up by the end of _______________________, all money is forfeited and horse remains the property of seller to do with as seller deems appropriate.

Any kind of fee there might be with a horse hauler/shipper, is the buyers responsibility to pay for. We will NOT pay for any kind of charges. Also, if it’s going to be a long haul for the foal/horse and the hauler requires a bale of hay for the foal/horse, we can send one square bale along, but the buyer needs to let us know ahead of time and the price of the hay will be added onto the total amount due for the foal/horse before it leaves our premises. Same goes with a halter and lead rope. We always send a halter with/on the foal/horse when it leaves our property, but if the hauler calls for a specific halter and lead rope, this price will also be added onto the total amount due for the foal/horse before it leaves our premises. Any kind of harm that happens while being in the care of the horse hauler/shipper is not our responsibility.

If you, the buyer, pays the full asking price of the foal/horse (what we are initially asking), then we will pay for the halter, lead rope (if required by hauler), and for the vet to come out to do the coggins and health papers. But if we give you a discount on the foal/horse, then you are responsible for these charges.

Any kind of certain shipping papers needed for foals/horses to be shipped in the US and/or over seas needs to be clarified with us right away so that we can have everything in order and ready for when the time comes. As mentioned above, all foals/horses must have half down to mark them “sold”. We will do payments (biweekly or monthly) until foals are weaned, by then they must be paid in full (otherwise boarding fees will be charged and no free board will be given). Same with horses (already weaned and ready to go), we will do payments but must be made in reasonable time frame (biweekly) until paid in full (horses will receive the 2 weeks free board but no more). Any kind of boarding fees with us will be added to the total amount due for the foal/horse before it leaves our premises. We will board a foal/horse with us for 2 weeks free of charge (unless noted otherwise above), but anything more than that you, the buyer, is responsible for paying before the foal/horse leaves our property (however, if you get a discount on the foal/horse, then you will not receive free boarding). Boarding costs need to be paid biweekly and are priced according to the cost to feed/take care of that foal/horse (feed, dewormer, shots, vet costs, ect).

This agreement is subject to change to whatever we see fit and is fair for us and the buyer. Thank you for looking at our breeding program here at Leyh Quarters, and we hope you enjoy your foal/horse you purchased from us as much as we enjoyed them while they were with us.


Peggy & Tim Leyh, and Kayla & Jay Hoffner

This STALLION BREEDING CONTRACT is for the breeding season of _________, is made and entered into on _________________. This certifies ___________________________ hereinafter designated as Breeders, and ____________________________ hereinafter designated as Mare Owner agrees to breed the mare _________________________________________________________
Registration #__________________ to the stallion:

( ) Peppys Burnin Up Doc-AQHA 5519907 (Stud fee: $500.00, multiple mare/proven mare discount: $400.00/mare)
( ) Via King ID Starbert-AQHA 4941435 (Stud fee: $500.00, multiple mare/proven mare discount; $400.00/mare)

1. Mare Owner agrees to pay $100.00 to save a spot for this years breeding season right away (nonrefundable), which will be added into the stallions service fee of $__________. This fee is payable when the mare arrives at the breeding facility. The mare will not be released until all veterinary expenses, board/mare care, or any other charges incurred on behalf of the mare have been paid in full. Mares are considered abandoned 2 weeks after requested pick-up date and become property of Breeder.

Mare Care will be $10.00 per day, starting on the day of arrival and ending on the day of departure.
* All mares are subject to approval from the Breeder. The Breeder may state a reason or give no reason at all for the rejection. All HYPP positive (N/H or H/H) and parrot mouthed mares will be rejected. No harm is to come to the Breeder for rejecting a mare.*
2. A legible photocopy of the mare’s registration papers and current Coggins negative test result must accompany this contract.
3. The Mare Owner agrees that the mare offered for breeding is in sound breeding condition and free from infection or disease. It is required that all mares be immunized for tetanus, sleeping sickness, influenza, and rhino prior to their arrival to the Breeders.
4. The Mare Owner agrees to adequately feed, worm and vaccinate the mare during the pregnancy. The Mare Owner is expected to keep printed records of the vaccination and worming schedule of the mare and agrees to allow the Breeder and/or a licensed veterinarian to inspect the records upon request. Mares in fescue areas MUST be taken off fescue a minimum of 6 weeks before their estimated foal date.
5. The Mare Owner may not substitute a mare for another mare during the breeding season unless written permission is granted by the Breeder. Substitution mares are subject to the same approval process as the original mare.
6. Due to the mature of horses, the Mare Owner is not responsible for injury and/or death to the stallion while breeding, by nature or other. If he mare is unwilling/difficult to hand breed, the Breeder has the right to refuse coverage of the mare. Stallion vet care is the responsibility of the Breeder.
7. Due to the nature of horses, the Breeder is not responsible for injury and/or death to the mare while breeding by nature or other. All necessary mare vet care is the responsibility of the Mare Owner. This includes subsequent injuries, infections, infertility, ect. In the event the Breeder believes there is a medical emergency, the Breeder reserves the right to contact a veterinarian for medical assistance/initial evaluation.
8. Breeder offers Live Foal Guarantee (LFG). The Breeder guarantees a viable foal resulting from pregnancy from the mating above, subject to the provisions above. The Breeder defines viable as the foal sanding and nursing on its own within 24 hours. The Mare Owner is expected to give reasonable assistance and medical attention as necessary to the foal upon its arrival. Foals must be deceased in order to receive LFG.
9. If it is necessary to invoke the LFG, the Mare Owner must notify the Breeder within 48 hours of the foal’s death or abortion and will be subject to the fees associated with rebreeding (mare care, vet care, ect.). The Breeder may require a veterinarian evaluation of the deceased foal at the Mare Owners expense.
10. This contract is not transferable or assignable. If the mare is sold or leased, no LFG is offered and the contract is immediately considered fulfilled.
11. It is the responsibility of the Mare Owner to have the Mare pregnancy checked within 60 days of the last breeding date and must notify Breeder if mare is not in foal in order to retain rebreed privileges.
12. An AQHA Breeders Certificate for this foal, conceived by this mating, will be issued once all expenses have been paid by the Mare Owner and the mare deemed in foal.
13. If the stallion should die, be sold, or become unfit to breed, the Breeder reserves the right to substitute another stallion owned by them (the Breeder).
14. Payment may be made via cash or certified check (NO PERSONAL CHECKS) payable to Jay and Kayla Hoffner. Contact Breeder for details.
15. Mare Owner will read, complete, and sign this contract. This contract is entered into in the state of Minnesota and will be interpreted and enforced under the laws of that State. This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties. No other agreements or promises, verbal or implied, are included unless specifically stated in this written contract. Additional conditions will be individually initialed by each party.

Signature of Mare Owner: _____________________________________________________________Date: _____________________
Printed Name of Mare Owner: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________________________ State: _______________________________ Zip: _______________
Email: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Breeders Notes: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
$___________________ + ______________________ + $______________________ = $____________________________
(Breeding Fee) (Mare Care) (Any Additional Fees) (Grand Total)

Breeding Contract:

Selling Contract: